Dr. David Tenenbaum is the Dreyfus of our generation...

“Jews can’t separate their religion from their heritage.  It’s a big element of their heritage.  It’s hard to separate Jewish history without their religion.  Other societies and cultures are a little bit different…He’s dirty.”—Lieutenant Colonel John Simonini, head of TACOM’s Counterintelligence Division

In the United States, there is an uneasy alliance with Israel. American Jews are suspected of disloyalty by virtue of their religious faith. The case of Dr. David Tenenbaum is an astounding look at corruption, overt bigotry, and religious persecution within the U.S. government. Unlike France and Europe where overt anti-Semitism makes headlines today, the Tenenbaum case, considered the “Dreyfus case of our generation” was one of covert, secretive bigotry, thriving in the hallowed halls of the nation’s Pentagon and Department of Defense—a corrupt climate that exists to this day.

Dr. David Tenenbaum was falsely accused of being an Israeli spy based solely upon anti-Semitic accusations from co-workers, which the government then covered up under the pretense of national security. An entire contingent of government officials set in motion a vicious multi-million-dollar investigation to destroy an American patriot and brilliant engineer, whose only crime . . . was being a Jew.